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Beer for Zurich

Image by Elevate


In 1996 Zurich was threatened with the loss of a tradition that was more than a hundred years old. The Hürlimann brewery was the last major brewery to cease production in Zurich. Three people from Zurich fought against the decline of beer culture and started brewing their own beer in the industrial district, right next to the old Sulzer-Escher-Wyss turbine production facility.

TurbinenBräu AG was born. From then on, it was important to do justice to Zurich's great brewing tradition. A natural fresh product has been produced for the local market since 1997 using high-quality raw materials and a long maturing period. Thanks to short distribution channels, neither pasteurization nor the use of additional preservatives is required. The beer is not stored in beverage depots for months. It is freshly filled into barrels and bottles in Zurich every week. Thanks to the low pH value and the preservative alcohol, untreated beer can be kept for at least three months. The initially small customer base of TurbinenBräu AG quickly expanded. The brewing capacities had to be doubled after just one year. The continuous expansion of the brewery soon took its toll: the initially spacious premises became cramped.


In autumn 2002, the brewery moved to an industrial building at Badenerstrasse 571 in Zurich. The growth continued continuously. TurbinenBräu now supplies around 100 catering establishments in and around Zurich with draft and bottled beers, making it the largest brewery in the canton.

The Turbinenbräu restaurant and the Turbinenbräu brewery are in the same building and work very closely together, but they are two independent businesses.

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